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Established in 1991, GIT has prided itself on providing our customers with personalised service and support for over 30 years.

We import and supply a Range of Astrophotographic, Optical, an d Audio products to our customers. All products are supported locally by ourselves.

Not sure about buying online? Feel free to set up a time to meet at our offices in Norwood Johannesburg where we can discuss and assist with your buying decision.

Thank you Laurence, the unit works very well with the speaker arrangement I have and has a clear sound, it has brought new life to these since my amp blew many years ago. Vaughan

Vaughn R
Happy BT30D Pro Customer

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Graphic Image Technologies (Pty) Ltd

GIT was established in 1991. We provide solutions to the broadcast and security markets. 

We offer a range of quality Astrophotography, Optics and Audio Amplifier solutions. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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